Posted by Jason Daemon

Healthy relationships don’t just happen.  They only grow and develop as you and I are intentional in building them. It requires that we have vision and refinement. When we began the Foundry God gave us insight into what a real Christian community should look like. Joy and I were at a BBQ one afternoon with some friends when we launched in this discussion of what the process of church looks like.  One of my friends works at a Steel mill as an engineer and he went on to describe the process of steel making.  What I heard shaped my thinking of what Church should look like.. a forge. You see in the manufacturing process you determine what you desire to create, having a vision of where you want to go.  You choose the materials to smelt and place them into the crucible where you blend the raw materials along with the scrap metal.  What struck me is that many of us feels as if we are that scrap metal.  Useless and cast off into the junk yard of life.  But God wants better for us. He has a plan that can only transpire when you and I act intentionally.  Each of us must be refined just like that metal. You heat it till its melting point burning out the impurities and then when it’s ready you cast it into a mold to create something useful.  Our relationships are like that process.  No matter if it is a business partnership, a friendship, a parent with a child or a husband and wife. all of them go through the fire.  It is the only way to forge a beautiful work of art.  This week I invite you to join us at the Foundry for our Thursday night 6:00 PM  table discussion (meal included) or Sunday morning 10:30 AM gathering as we share on how we can intentionally forge our relationships to be lasting and wonderful.

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