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March 3rd we begin a study of the Book of Romans.  Join us at 6:00 PM for a shared meal and then stay for our interactive family study.  Series will seek to answer the following questions.

Elements that we want to stress in this study

Community & Home groups

– That the early church was based on a home group, cell groups or what we call community groups – this is a critical issue in the church today. We need to grow in our understanding of how God moved in the early church and rediscover that God still moves in this manner today.

– We will answer the question of  what defines a church and its discipleship process? That “church” has never been about buildings but the most important resource God uses is people and their homes. That the family can and should be the center of discipleship. 

– This series will build upon what we have learned in our study of the book of Acts reinforcing the Biblical worldview of God’s economy.

A Multi Ethnic Church

– The church at Roman is one of the best examples of how Jewishness of our faith impacted Gentles. If we are to reach our multi-ethnic community for Christ we must learn the life principles which this early church embodied.

Women in Leadership

Missionary work has always held the giftedness of women in high regard. In fact little has ever been accomplished without the intervention of women. We need to debunk the myth and misunderstandings of how God used women in the Bible. We hope to bring to light the important role the great women of faith and how they were used by God in the early church. We also seek to help empower those women in our church to develop the own personal ministry based upon Paul’s teachings.

Logic & Truth of the Gospel

The book of Romans is one of the clearest presentations of the Gospel to explain the depth of our faith. The presentation of the Gospel is a case study on logic which Law schools have used to teach future lawyers the manner and method on how to present an argument in Court. We seek to help those who participate in this study to grow in their ability to present their personal relationship with Christ in a clear and concise way to others outside of the faith.

Reference guide for this series will be the book by Reta Halteman Finger, Roman House Churches for Today.

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